Leadership Communications and Presentations on Video

with Jessica Chen of Soulcast Media

September 23, 24, 25, 2020

12 – 1 p.m. ET each day

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3 Sessions in 3 Days to Become a More Effective Leader on Video

3E is modern marketing built for higher ed, and we are bringing a leader in modern online communication to higher ed leaders like you.

Each NACAC season, we look forward to connecting with colleagues, old and new. Whether we’re discussing hot topics, recounting old stories, or brainstorming new ideas, the conversations are always energizing.

In a fall-conference-season-gone-virtual, we considered how we could continue to energize the conversation and contribute to higher ed executive professional development in the online world. This is it.

We’ve designed a special (and free for you!) three-part series for higher ed executives with Jessica Chen. An Emmy and AP Award-winning broadcast journalist, Jessica is an experienced and skilled communications advisor.

Session details

Executive Presence on Video

How to Create Engaging Online Meetings

Crafting Presentations via Storytelling


Founder & CEO, Soulcast Media

She is about to change your perspective—and your communication skills for the better.

Jessica is a trusted communications advisor to several elite tech leaders in Silicon Valley and Asia.

She is also Founder and CEO of Soulcast Media, a business communications agency, where she provides high-touch strategies to elevate people's speaking and authority.

She has been awarded an Emmy Award for her work at ABC 10News and multiple Associated Press Awards.

After nearly ten years in television news, Jessica is on a mission to help professionals, entrepreneurs and executives build their confidence in speaking authentically, and to teach the use of storytelling to create connection and engagement on various media platforms.

Why attend?

It’s a critical skill.

As an executive, your top priority is strong online communication.

It’s expert perspective.

Learn directly from an Emmy Award-winning communications advisor.

It’s our gift to you.

3E is sponsoring college and university executive leaders, exclusively bringing you Soulcast Media.

Sessions are designed for college and university executive leadership.

Each is one hour, 12 – 1 p.m. ET.

Take an hour.

Each session will start with time to gain some insights from colleagues on current issues via snap polls, as well as time to connect and have a laugh or two with old friends—and make some new ones.

Pick a day, or 2, or 3.

While this is intended as a three-part series, you are welcome to attend one, two, or three sessions.

Pre-registration is required.

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Learn how to shine on video conference calls.

Get expert advice to look and sound confident, collected, and smart.

Discover how to prepare your material, how to contribute to the call, and how to incorporate engaging visuals.

Get body language, posture, and wardrobe tips to make a powerful impression.

Finally, learn the technical details to building a mini "studio" for conducting calls, including choosing a webcam, lighting yourself, and placing a microphone for quality sound.

3 Executive Tips You Will Learn at this Session:

  1. How to Prepare Yourself
  2. How to Present Yourself on Video
  3. How to Share Engaging Visuals

You have something to share, but you don't know how to tell your story or communicate your findings. Learn how to effectively communicate and engage an audience through this course.

3 Executive Tips You Will Learn at this Session:

  1. How to Better Tell Your Story
  2. How to Effectively Communicate on Video
  3. How to Build-In Audience Engagement

We each have unique strengths based on the experiences we've had. In this session, we will discuss how to incorporate your experiences into your communications—because owning your story is truly believing in yourself.

3 Executive Tips You Will Learn at this Session:

  1. How to Make Your Story Personal
  2. How to Own Your Story
  3. How to Build Confidence in Your Story

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